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Perafita's library in an annual report of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions

The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions ( is an organisation with more than 1,400 Members in over 140 countries around the world. Every year it Publishes the Trend report updates ( This year, one of the four articles is about role that libraries can play in the implementation and development of community networks like and it discusses the specific case of the public library of Perafita. The full report is available at The article on community networks and libraries is the last. I hope you enjoy it. presenting at the 2018 FTTH Council in Valencia

This year the FTTH Council will be at Valencia,  from the 13th to the 15th of February. We will present at the "Governmental Day" and "How to make the right FTTH architecture choice" on the 13th afternoon workshops.

More than profit: a collaborative economy with a social purpose

[image:18154,right]In April 2016, the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG Growth) commissioned Nesta to produce a briefing paper on Europe’s social purpose collaborative economy. This request is part of a broader effort by DG Growth to understand and respond to Europe’s growing collaborative economy, including the publication of guidance and policy recommendations in June 2016. In response to this, the authors have endeavoured to make sense of Europe’s social purpose collaborative economy, its current state and key actors, as well as major challenges and opportunities for its development.

Net Futures 2016

Net Futures 2016Net Futures 2016: Driving Growth in the #DigitalSingleMarket is participating in Net Futures 2016: Driving Growth in the #DigitalSingleMarket, in collaboration with Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) in the framework of the NetCommons research project.

Dissemination slides

A personal generic set of the slides we are using using these days in the Foundation in our dissemination activities. We continue working, so the slides will keep evolving. Don't hesitate to leave a message for any question, comment, amendment, etc. Thanks.

v04.7 2016/09/30 latest version

v04.2 2016/05/16 deprecated

v04.1 2016/04/26 deprecated

v04 2016/04/14 deprecated

Keynote about and the collaborative ecosystem based on the Commons

[image:85346,right]Invited by the Barcelona City Council, we'll speak at the "Corner Speakers", at the Barcelona Mobile World Capital. 


Materials of Luxemburg (Governmental Day - 2016 FTTH Council Conference)

[image:85291,right]Those are the materials created for the Governmental Day at he FTTH Council Conference at Luxemburg.

Cultura viva - Barcelona cultura participates in Cultura viva (Live Culture), a local grassroots meeting with international perspective that diggs, through concrete experiences, in the relations between citizenship, institutions and common culture spaces from the democratic values of transparency, critical thinking, proximity and participation. endorses Wireless Battle of the Mesh v9

 Wireless Battle of the Mesh v9 posterThe Wireless Battle of the Mesh is an event that aims to bring together people from across the globe to test the performance of different routing protocols for ad-hoc networks, like Babel, B.A.T.M.A.N, BMX6/BMX7, OLSR, and 802.11s and static routing. Of course, new protocols (working on OpenWrt) are always welcome.

Many developers and community networkers will join the event to hack, test, discuss, explain and learn. If you are interested in dynamic routing protocols or wireless community networks you can't miss this event! The Battlemesh is free of charge and open for all.

This year the event will take place from Sunday 1st to Saturday 7th of May 2016 in Porto, Portugal. It is organized locally by INESC TEC (Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science), a private non-profit research & development institute located on the campus of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. Foundation awarded as one of the five 2015 Best European Broadband projects by the EC


Brussels, November 16th 2015

The Foundation has received this evening in Brussels from Günter H. Oettinger Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society of the European Commission, the award for best initiative for the new generation Broadband 2015 in the category of "innovative financing / economic and investment  models" in recognition of the model developed and considering it as a potential example of inspiration to other projects of next generation broadband in Europe. in the Community-Led Last-Mile Initiatives workshop, Brussels Foundation participates in the European Comission initiative. Webstreaming:

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SAX 2015 - Batet de la Serra (La Garrotxa) - 10, 11 y 12 de Julio

Inscripción (hasta el 21 de Junio):

Otro año mas vuelve con fuerza una nueva edición del Summer Camp Garrotxa, por ello una vez mas queremos ofreceros distintos contenidos relacionados con el mundo de la administración de sistemas, desarrollo, redes y el mundo DIY en un espacio completamente atípico, en un medio rural, rodeados de las delicias paisagísticas de la Garrotxa.

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