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Guifi.net, Internet in Community Networks

Community Networks to improve local Internet coverage.

Guifi.net, knowledge transfer

Training and transfer meetings adapted to all levels

Guifi.net, a project for everybody

Individuals, companies, administrations... they have made their lives easier thanks to Guifi.net

Cloudy GNU/Linux

A distribution to bring the cloud into community networks.

creixement de la xarxa

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The network grows and is maintained thanks to sponsorships

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    • Membres de RIPE NCC member
    • European Network of Living Labs
    • Openspectrum.eu
    • Membres del Catnix
    • Premi Nacional de Telecomunicacions 2007 concedit a Guifi.net
    • Citilab Cornella
    • Fundacio Punt.cat
    • Fundacio AAVC Hangar.org
    • Ajuntament de Sant Bartomeu del Grau