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There are many ways to contribute and get involved in s’hi pot participar de mil maneres. These are the main ones:



    The best way to contribute to, is extending the network!, making donations and setting up nodes and supernodesn to make the telecomunication infrastructures available to more people and to more territories. Do-it-Yourself! You are! All the harwdare you contribute will be always yours and will be part of a network belonging to all of us!
    To leant who to do it have a look at the three-steps guide to
  2. PROVIDING A LOCATION TO HOST HARDWARE.EDINT UN ESPAI (a node, a supernode, or a duct to deploy optical fibre)
    Perhaps you just want to see what it is about and perhaps you have a place to host some hardware contributed by someone else... Can you access to ducs, roads, motoways, telephone or telecomunication poles? Maybe somebody else would like to use them to extend Make it possible, facilitate access to your facilities.
    All in all this is what Internet is about: a network of computer networks. Have you got your own WiFi network, a cooperative network, some dark fiber?
    What about interconnecting with It is a clear win-to-win. Everybody wins! This is the success key of Intern!
    Hey, we also accept peering with other Telcos. Don't forget that we are an open network!
    There are many other ways to contribute. Some of the follow, but there are many more. Contribute with your ideas!
    1. Are you an student or a techeacher?
      What about doing some research on
      You can develop network managing applications, WEB applications, multimedia applications, map servers, etc. is primarily a technosocial project, with many implications in the social, the political, the economical, and the territorial fields that must be carefully driven and promoted.
      Regulations and telecomunicacions laws, social marketing and public relations, communication and dissemination, social media, community management, networking, ICT research, economics models, infrastructures, human geography, social and economic telecomuncations usage, international projects, research and innovation grants,fons de recerca i innovació, grants hunting, documentation, translation, etc etc etc.
      Further idea? You are welcome!

      The way to contribute in this area is:

      1. Setting up collaboration agreements between your school and the Foundation.
        There are several options to do research work on, in a local gropu for instance. We know that usually the on-the-field work is more attractive than the theoretical one. is a place to learn a lot. We are a hacker entity with a little-by-little mentality... If you know how to do it, why not showing it to your friends?
      2. Doing applied research on
        1. Have you got a company? Are you an entrepreneur?.
          If the network is open and free, why not making business with it? ICT plays a key roll in our globalised society.
        2. Are you working in the public administration or a social entity?.
        3. Are you an investor? What about making money in a project aimed to the public good?
      3. Making donations is also a way to contribute. You can donate directily to the Fundation or to any of the local groups. Any cent is wlecome!. Have a look at “Donate”.